A Brief History of German Jews in Modern Times, 1600 – 1945


German Jewish History in Modern Times

In 1996, Columbia University Press published the first of four volumes of German-Jewish History in Modern Times,  a comprehensive historical survey of the Jewish presence in Central Europe beginning in the seventeenth century.  Sponsored by the Leo Baeck Institute, the project has become a standard work that offers  vivid portrait of Jewish History in German-speaking lands through the periods of emancipation and integration, and the Holocaust.

Under the editorship of Michael A. Meyer (Hebrew Union College), eminent scholars consider a broad range of topics: religious and cultural life, demographics, political, legal, and socioeconomic status, relations between Jews and non-Jews, and Jewish participation in the larger context of European history.

Leo Baeck Institute adapted this brief synopsis from the work for free use by educators and the interested public.

Download German-Jewish History in Modern Times (PDF 9MB)

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