Heim des Jüdischen Frauenbundes Neu-Isenburg. Feiertags-Küchenkalender für die jüdische Hausfrau. c. 1910.

By Michael Simonson

Heim des jüdischen Frauenbundes Neu-Isenburg. Feiertags-Küchenkalender für die jüdische Hausfrau :Neu-Isenburg, c. 1910. LBI Library Call Number r 650

Feiertagsküchenkalender für die Jüdische Hausfrau

Feiertagsküchenkalender für die Jüdische Hausfrau

The Heim des jüdischen Frauenbundes Neu-Isenburg (the Home of the Jewish Women’s League in Neu-Isenburg) was founded in 1907 through an initiative by Bertha Pappenheim, an Austrian-Jewish feminist and advocate of social causes. She designed the home for displaced young Eastern European Jewish women and single mothers.  Around 100 women lived in the home’s four buildings, located in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main.

As described  in its cookbook, the home was a safe haven for pregnant women and mothers, children (legitimate and illegitimate), and displaced young women; it offered these women education and training in a traditional Jewish environment and family-like setting. The home remained open during the period of National Socialism, although it operated under constraints.  It was eventually destroyed during Kristallnacht.  In 1942, the home’s remaining residents were deported and murdered.

Around 1910, the Heim des jüdischen Frauenbundes Neu-Isenburg published a small pamphlet of recipes and menus for Jewish holidays, called Feiertags-Küchenkalender für die jüdische Hausfrau (Holiday Cooking Calendar for the Jewish Housewife).

Here are some examples of recipes for Hanukkah:

  • Whole spelt grain soup ( soup with “Griesschwaemmchen” [grits or a type of dumpling made from semolina flour].
  • Celery soup
  • Fish pudding with Hollandaise sauce
  • Haddock gratin
  • Roasted duck
  • Scalloped leeks
  • Meat stew
  • Veal goulash with spätzle (a type of dumpling)
  • Linzer torte
  • Nut tart
  • Sandtorte (a type of pound cake)
  • Pears in warm chocolate sauce
  • Cookies – cinnamon cookies and cheese cookies.

Fish Pudding:

Blend 2 pounds fish (it can also be fish remains) with a thick flour roux, with salt and some lemon juice or wine to taste. Add an egg yolk and remove from heat. Fill up pudding forms with the mass, cover with a piece of fat (Tomor) and cook the pudding forms in a pan filled with water.

Meat stew

Cut 2 pounds of cleaned vegetables (carrots, rutabaga, cabbage) into cubes, as well as celery root, parsley cubes, and one pound of potatoes. Cut ¾ to 1 pound of beef into cubes and fry with some fat in a stew pot. Add the vegetables and the potatoes, as well as some salt and pepper, and let the whole thing stew for two hours.

Linzer torte

Grate ½ pound of shelled almonds. Mix ½ pound of butter or Tomor with ½ pound of sugar until creamy. To this mixture, add two whole eggs, a touch of cinnamon, the grated almonds, ½ pound of flour that has been sifted with baking powder, and a tablespoon of rum. Knead together a firm dough, grease the edges and bottom of a spring-form pan and cover the dough with apricot marmalade. Use strips of dough to create a lattice over the top and bake for an hour.

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