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Lecture Series: Nationalism in the Lands of the Habsburg Monarchy, the Challenge to Jewish Identity

In February, the Society for the History of Czechoslovak Jews, New York and the Society of Arts and Sciences, New York, will present three lectures on the topic: “Nationalism in the Lands of the Habsburg Monarchy: The Challenge to Jewish Identity.” All of the lectures will be held at the Bohemian National Hall, and entrance to each is free of charge.

LBI Acquires Significant Collection of Books Designed by Artist George Salter

LBI has acquired an extensive collection of about 200 books with covers designed by George Salter, who helped define the art of book design during a career that spanned from the 1930’s through the 1960’s in Berlin and New York.

Carol Kahn Strauss: Keynote Address at Launch of Ruhr Center for American Studies

As the university celebrated the launch of a PhD program where scholars from across the world will study American history, politics, and culture from a transatlantic perspective, Mrs. Strauss focused on the impact of German-Jewish emigres on America’s intellectual and cultural development.

Ernest Bloch, Composer, 1880-1959

Today, the Geneva-born composer Ernest Bloch is primarily known for the neo-romantic cello rhapsody “Schelomo,” which has been performed by nearly every major cellist. His relative obscurity today belies his tremendous impact on American classical music as both a teacher and composer.

Otto Klemperer, Conductor, 1885-1973

Though the conductor Otto Klemperer’s career in the United States lasted just six years before complications from an unnecessary surgery forced him temporarily from the podium, he had an enormous impact on classical music in America.

LBI Receives $3 Million in Funding from Germany to Preserve Historical Records of Jewish Refugees

The Leo Baeck Institute recently signed an agreement with the German Foreign Ministry to receive $3 million over 4 years for LBI’s “New Acquisitions Preservation Project”, allowing for the cataloging of significant new historical material pertaining to the survivor population of refugees from Nazi Germany.

LBI Executive Director Honored with Piscator Award for Transatlantic Dialogue

Each year, the foundation “Elysium – between two continents” presents its Erwin Piscator Award to individuals whose work reflects the legacy of the humanitarian and politically aware German theatre director. The foundation, headed by Artistic Director Gregorij H. von Leïtis, works for the enhancement of artistic and academic dialogue between the United States and European,…