Kahn, Lena. Die Frau auf richtige Fährte : erzieherische Winke und praktische Ratschläge. 1901.

The author of “The Wife on the Right Track”, Lena Kahn, was born in Sulzburg (Baden-Württemburg, Germany) in the 19th century. She offers not only instructions for the efficient management of a Jewish kitchen, but child-rearing advice as well.

The Sisterhood of Congregation Habonim, New York. “Recipes Remembered : German-Jewish Specialties”

Published by New York City’s Congregation Habonim in 1976, Recipes Remembered offers a look at how a community with roots in the German-Jewish refugee experience was evolving and adapting to life in America after about three decades.

Three Matzo Kugels

If you find yourself with a surfeit of matzos after Passover, or anytime really, Matzo Kugel is a great way to transform a food that is frankly richer in ritual significance than flavor into a true treat. While they are all constructed around the modest unleavened cracker, each of these sweet kugels packs a successively bigger caloric wallop thanks to the addition of successively larger amounts of fat, sugar, and, finally, alcohol.

Mushroom Strudel as submitted by Bea Bayer in “Recipes Remembered: German-Jewish Specialties”

This savory variation on a fruit strudel comes from Recipes Remembered, a community cookbook assembled at New York’s Congregation Habonim in 1976. It might have been a kosher alternative to meat filled pastry dough dishes common in Germany.