Offenbacher Haggadah

The Offenbach Haggadah was commissioned by Dr. Siegfried Guggenheim (1873-1961) an attorney and avid collector of rare books in Offenbach, near Frankfurt. The type designer Rudolf Koch created new fonts and the painter Fritz Kredel, a student of Koch’s, illustrated the new Haggadah inspired by the first Offenbach Haggadah which was printed in 1772. The…

German and Austrian Émigré Musicians

Bruno Walter, Conductor, 1876 - 1962

As Leo Baeck Institute honors Maestro Kurt Masur, who left such an enduring imprint on cultural and political life in both Leipzig and New York, we present a selection of documents from LBI Archives related to émigré composers and musicians who also shaped musical culture on both sides of the Atlantic a generation before him.

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