Two books from Rabbi Ignatz Israel Bick

Two books from the Frankfurt Rabbi Ignatz Israel Bick (1871-1964): In 2016 the Staats-and Universitaetsbibliothek Hamburg restituted two books as part of their search for books looted and expropriated by National Socialists among their collections (NS-Raubgutforschung). The books belonged to Rabbi Ignatz Isaac Bick and came to the Hamburg State and and University Library in 1940. Rabbi Bick’s grandsons Robert and Frank Isler decided to transfer these titles to the library of the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. The books are stamped on  the title page: “Dr. phil. J. Bick, Rabbiner u. Lehrer, Frankfurt/M.”



View Description of the restituted book: Midrash Rabah, vol. Bereshit/Genesis, 1913

View Description of the restituted book: Limdu Ivrit = Lernt Hebräisch, 1934

View Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg: Blog about restitution case : December 7, 2015

Visit the website of the Arbeitsstelle Provenienzforschung – NS-Raubgut at the State and University Library Hamburg