Art Donations

Informationen zu Schenkungen aus Europa

Portrait of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy by Edward Magnus, 1840

Portrait of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy by Edward Magnus, 1840

The Leo Baeck Institute Art Collection reflects the multi-faceted legacy of German-speaking Jewry. Paintings, drawings, prints, bookplates and objects document the rich material culture that is part of our heritage.

In addition to organizing several exhibits each year, the LBI is a major lending organization to other museums and galleries in the U.S. and abroad.

Our goal is to present the legacy of Central European Jews in all its facets, including the role of Jews as creators of art, music, fashion, design, architecture, and the crafts.

Guidelines for Art Donations

If you would like to donate a work of art to the Leo Baeck Institute, please contact Renate Evers, Director of Collections, at .

The artwork must be relevant to the Institute’s mission, and prospective donors should submit the following information.

  • Contact information
  • Artist/maker, title, medium dimension of the work, year of creation
  • Description of artwork or object
  • Provenance information
  • Photo of item to be donated

All donations are permanent, and must be in good (i.e., exhibition-ready) condition. If a donor is willing to contribute financially to the preservation of an item, exceptions might be made.

Donated items become the property of the Leo Baeck Institute, to be displayed, stored, loaned, or, in rare instances, deaccessioned at the discretion of the Institute.