Donations of Books, Periodicals, and Other Publications

Informationen zu Schenkungen aus Europa

Detail of volumes from Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig’s translation of the Hebrew Bible.

Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) welcomes donations of books that fall within the scope of our library development policy. The LBI library focuses on the following major subject categories: historical, philosophical, religious, social, cultural, political, and economic expressions of the German-Jewish tradition. The time frame of the collection extends from the beginning of the German-Jewish settlement to the present. The main languages of the collection are German, and English, with a lesser emphasis on Hebrew. Other languages are added if they fall within the subject scope on a selective level. Translation from German into English or from other languages to either English or German are collected selectively.

Books that we already possess or that do not fall within the scope of our Collection Policy will be exchanged with other libraries and research institutions or, in last resort, sold to private book dealers. In order to ensure that your donation will become a treasured addition to our collection, send us a list of books you are planning to donate, if possible, before shipping the books themselves.

To discuss donating library books to the Leo Baeck Institute please contact