Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522) Augenspiegel Tübingen, 1511. This small volume contains the famous defense against the attacks of the anti-Jewish agitator Johann Pfefferkorn.

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6:00pm: Exhibition Viewing and Reception
6:30pm: Talk by Elisheva Carlebach, Columbia University

One of the earliest controversies in Jewish-Christian relations was the 16th-century debate over whether Jews should be allowed to publish books on Jewish theology. These discussions took place within the framework of the Renaissance and the rise of humanism, leading to a weakening of the Church’s influence on theology and science and emphasizing the importance of the individual. This talk will focus on Johann Reuchlin, a German scholar of the period, who strongly advocated in favor of Jewish books, stressing the importance of Jewish ideas in the Christian world. He appealed to fairness, reason and due process and was one of the first to place Jews alongside Christians as part of the discourse on legal and human rights.

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