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    Center for Jewish History

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This year, LBI will present the Leo Baeck Medal for the first time to a couple who have used their positions and their expertise in diplomacy and journalism respectively to make lasting contributions to the memory of German-Jewish history.

Peter Wittig served as German Ambassador to the United States from 2014–2018. Prior to this, he was German Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. He represented Germany during its tenure as a member of the UN Security Council in 2011 and 2012. Since joining the German Foreign Service in 1982, he has served at the Embassy in Madrid, as private secretary to the Foreign Minister, and as Ambassador in Lebanon and in Cyprus. Before starting his career in the German Foreign Service, Wittig studied history, political science, and law at Bonn, Freiburg, Canterbury, and Oxford universities.

Huberta von Voss-Wittig is a German journalist, publicist, and book author. After studying political science and history, she worked as a political correspondent for daily newspapers. She was a member of the German Federal Press Conference and spokeswoman for the President of the German Bundestag, Rita Süssmuth. Von Voss-Wittig later served as an advisor on history, international politics, and human rights for the German Bundestag.

Sara J. Bloomfield, director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, will introduce the Wittigs. Bloomfield has led the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for 18 years. She serves on the International Auschwitz Council and is a former member of the board of the International Council of Museums/USA (ICOM/USA). A graduate of Northwestern University (BA) and the John Carroll University (MA), she is a recipient of the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland and holds four honorary doctorates.