LBI News: a publication of Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin

Since 1960, LBI New York has kept its members informed about LBI activities and collections as well as broader news in the field of German-Jewish History in LBI News. In 2013, Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin relaunched LBI News as an expanded magazine, published three times annually with news about our projects, programs, and collections. LBI News also introduces readers to the people who engage with the legacy of German-Jewish history preserved at LBI—from LBI Board members, staff, and volunteers to scholars, genealogists, citizens, and others.

A subscription to the print edition of LBI News comes with LBI Membership. Back issues to 1960 have been digitized and are available online, while much of the content from recent issues is available below:

LBI News No. 104 | Fall 2017

This fall, LBI News accompanies Renate Evers, Director of Collections, on her visit to the German Literature Archive in Marbach, reflects about scholar rescue in conversation with Henry Kaufman, talks to Roger Cohen from The New York Times about the relevance of German-Jewish history to the Syrian refugee crisis, and hears from Kerry Elkins and Chris Bentley (both LBI) about the making of the Edythe Griffinger Art Catalog. Julie-Marthe Cohen presents a new provenance research handbook for Jewish ceremonial objects, David N. Myers, new president & CEO of the Center for Jewish History in New York, shares about his personal connection to Germany, we learn about the delicate process of digitizing more than 60 periodicals preserved by LBI, and, finally, we travel to India, where we follow the colorful footsteps left by Austrian artist Walter Langhammer during his time there in exile.

LBI News No. 103 | Spring 2017

In this issue of LBI News, we report about a new cooperation between the Getty Research Institute in California and the LBI. Julie Dawson gives insight into the developments of her archival project in Romania, where she has found important yet unprocessed information in Jewish community archives. We look back on the award of the Leo Baeck Medal to Robert M. Morgenthau in November 2016 and introduce the 2017 awardees of the Obermayer German Jewish History Awards as well as the Gerald Westheimer Career Development Fellows 2016/17. LBI archivist Michael Simonson traces the story of fellow archivist Jacob Jacobson whose survival of the Nazi persecution is closely linked with the survival of the largest and most-used collection in the LBI archives; plus, you will learn how the Jacob Jacobson Collection is used in research today. Finally, film scholar Noah Isenberg talks about the research for his latest book, which sheds light on the central role Jewish refugees played in the production of the classic film Casablanca.

LBI News No. 102 | Winter 2016-17

In our winter issue, we present a number of LBI-related projects in Germany: “German and Jewish” is a traveling exhibition that features selected items from our archives that are returning for the first time to the land that their owners left the better part of a century ago, among them chocolate cups from Albert Einstein; the Israel Jacobson Network promotes the Braunschweig region as a cradle of Modern Jewish Studies; the reconstruction of the Freimann Collection at the Library of the Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt reached a new milestone; and two conferences in Leipzig and Berlin take a fresh look at chapters of German Jewish history—forced migration, specifically in the year of 1938, and Jewish life in the GDR. Furthermore, we present to you the Moses Mendelssohn Awardee 2016, Historian Susannah Heschel; we highlight some of the calendars preserved in our archives and we present a new digital music portal which makes the music and the musicians’ stories contained in collections more accessible. Finally, we give an insight into the processing of our archival collections and feature one of them, the new Hans and Eleonore Jonas Collection.

LBI News No. 101 | Summer 2016

This issue presents the collection of mahzors published in Roedelheim that have recently been catalogued by LBI librarian Moriah Amit, and it features so-called Tarnschriften, camouflaged publications, that have been used in Nazi Germany to avoid censorship and that are now preserved in the LBI collection. Tim Corbett, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Jewish History explains how Vienna’s Jewish cemeteries are forgotten yet profound memorials to the city’s history of Jewish life. Also, we hear five success stories of researchers who used LBI material in search for their families’ roots.

LBI News No. 100 | Spring 2016

In this issue, we look back on the Leo Baeck Institute Award Dinner with Nobel Prize winner Eric R. Kandel, Michael A. Meyer gives the 58th Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture and receives the Moses Mendelssohn Award, and field archivist and researcher Julie Dawson reports about her wrap-up of several months of archival survey in Bucharest, Romania.

LBI News No. 99 — Fall 2015

In this issue, a sensational discovery in the LBI Archives stokes the debate on the origins of WWI, an archivist discusses the care and identification of early photographs, and a database of Jewish businesses in Berlin fills a longstanding gap in documentation of the expropriation of Jews by the Nazis.

LBI News No. 98 — Summer 2015

In this issue, a librarian explains how library preservation sometimes means taking books apart, filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger discusses archives, memory, and loss, and a new exhibit looks at the German-Jewish roots of Zionism.

LBI News No. 97 — Spring 2015

In this issue, LBI announces new pilot program for transcriptions of handwritten materials and digitization of photographs, and vision scientist Gerald Westheimer explains why he is supporting fellowships for scholars of German-Jewish history. Plus, a look at some key scholars of the Wissenschaft des Judentums and their works in LBI collections.

LBI News No. 96 — Fall 2014

In this issue, LBI announces the digitization of nearly 100 rare periodicals, Josef Joffe considers the “Golden Age of German Jewry.” Plus, a selection of highlights from LBI Collections related to WWI.

LBI News No. 95 — Summer 2014

In this issue, Federal President Joachim Gauck of Germany accepts the Leo Baeck Medal at LBI’s first award Dinner in Berlin. CJH Conservator Felicity Corkill discusses her work cleaning and repairing a delicate 18th century megillah, and LBI archivists and librarians test out some recipes from the many cookbooks in the library collection.