Leo Baeck Memorial Lectures

Memorial lectures are $12 unless stated otherwise.

The complete full text version of the Leo Baeck Institute Memorial Lecture series is also available online from Internet Archives.

Listed in reverse chronological order:

LBML 60 (2017): COHEN, Roger: German-Jewish History in the Twenty-first Century. 24 p.

LBML 59 (2016): HESCHEL, Susannah : Boundary as Barrier, Boundary as Bridge.  Jewish and Christian Historiography on Religious Origins in Nineteenth-Century Germany. 40 p.

LBML 58 (2015): MEYER, Michael A: German Jews: The History and the Heritage. Celebrating 60 Years of the Leo Baeck Institute 16 p.

LBML 57 (2014): JOFFE, Josef: The Golden Age of German-speaking Jewry, 1871 – 1933: Remake or Mission Impossible. 12 p.

LBML 56 (2013): EIZENSTAT,  Stuart E.: The Future of the Jews: How Global Forces are Impacting the Jewish People, Israel, and its Relationship with the United States. 24 p.

LBML 55 (2012): Digibaeck: 500 Years of German-Jewish History Online. 38 p.

LBML 54 (2011): STEINBERG, Jonathan: Bismarck, Anti-Semitism and the Tragedy of German Jewry.  28 p.

LBML 53 (2010): BRENNER, Michael: From German Wissenschaft to Global Scholarship: Jewish Historiography between the World Wars. 24 p.

LBML 52 (2008): GOLD, Nili Scharf: Yehuda Amichai: the German-Jewish roots of Israel’s national poet. 16 p.

LBML 51 (2007): STEIN, Shimon: From Jerusalem to Berlin and back : a diplomatic journey. 13 p.

LBML 50 (2006): RICHARDS, Arnold D: Creating sociology and psychoanalysis in the Habsberg lands : Freud, Brill and Fleck. 24 p.

LBML 49 (2005): EISENMAN, Peter: Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe. 12 p.

LBML 48 (2004): ELLENSON, David: “Wissenschaft des Judentums”, historical consciousness, and Jewish faith : the diverse paths of Frankel, Auerbach and Halevy. 15 p.

LBML 47 (2004): LIBERLES, Robert: Persistent myths and stereotypes in the image of German Jews : a social perspective.

LBML 46 (2003): CARLEBACH, Elisheva: Divided souls : the convert critique and the culture of the Ashkenaz, 1750-1800.

LBML 45 (2001): WISSE. Ruth R.: Some serious thoughts about Jewish humour.

LBML 44 (2000): BLUMENTHAL, W. Michael: Daniel Liebeskind and the Jewish Museum of Berlin.

LBML 43 (2000): CRAMER, Ernst: Germany and the Jews at the Turn of the Millenium.

LBML 42 (1999): MOMMSEN, Hans: The Legacy of the Holocaust and German National Identity.

LBML 41 (1997): FELSTINER, John: Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew.

LBML 40 (1996): KAPLAN, Marion: Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Women in the Aftermath of November 1938.

LBML 39 (1995): FELDMAN, Gerald D.: Jewish Bankers and the Crises of the Weimar Republic. 21p.

LBML 38 (1994): REINHARZ, Jehuda: Zionism and the Great Powers: a Century of Foreign Policy. 32p.

LBML 37 (1999): KATZ, Steven T.: The Holocaust and Comparative History. 32p.

LBML 36 (1992): PLAUT, W. Gunther: German-Jewish Bible Translations: Linguistic Theology as a Political Phenomenon. 24p.

LBML 35 (1991): SCHORSKE, Carl E.: Gustav Mahler: Formation and Transformation. 24p.

LBML 34 (1990): DEAK, Istvan: Jewish Soldiers in Austro-Hungarian Society. 31p.

LBML 33 (1989): MIRON, Dan: Ashkenaz: Modern Hebrew Literature and the Pre-modern German Jewish Experience. 48p.

LBML 32 (1988): GOTTSCHALK, Alfred: The German Pogrom of November 1938 and the Reaction of American Jewry. 27p.

LBML 31 (1987): FRIEDLÄNDER, Saul: A Conflict of Memories- The New German Debates about the “Final Solution”. 24p.

LBML 30 (1986) was never published.

LBML 29 (1985): PETUCHOWSKI, Jakob Josef: On the Validity of German-Jewish Self Definitions. 24p.

LBML 28 (1984): PARET, Peter: “The Enemy Within” – Max Liebermann as President of the Prussian Academy of Arts. 31p.

LBML 27 (1984): STERN, Fritz: Germany 1933: Fifty Years Later. 32p.

LBML 26 (1982): YERUSHALMI, Yosef Hayim: Assimilation and Racial Anti-Semitism: The Iberian and the German Model. 38p.

LBML 25 (1981): MEYER, Michael A.: German Political Pressure and Jewish Religious Response in the 19th Century. 31p.

LBML 24 (1980): LOEWENBERG, Peter: Walther Rathenau and Henry Kissinger: The Jew as a Modern Statesman in Two Political Cultures. 26p.

LBML 23 (1979): LAQUEUR, Walter: The First News of the Holocaust. 32p.

LBML 22 (1978): GILBERT, Felix: Bismarckian Society’s Image of the Jew. 31p.

LBML 21 (1977): MOSSE, George Lachmann: The Jews and the German War Experience 1914-1918. 28p.

LBML 20 (1976): SCHORSCH, Ismar: On the History of the Political Judgment of the Jew. 23p.

LBML 19 (1975): SANDMEL, Samuel: Leo Baeck on Christianity. 22p.

LBML 18 (1974): COHEN, Arthur Allen: Thinking the Tremendum: Some Theological Implications of the Death-Camps. 23p.

LBML 17 (1973): ALTMANN, Alexander: Leo Baeck and the Jewish Mystical Tradition. 28p.

LBML 16 (1973): HAMBURGER, Ernest: Jews, Democracy and Weimar Germany. 31p.

LBML 15 (1972): GAY, Peter: The Berlin-Jewish Spirit. A Dogma in Search of Some Doubts. 19p.

LBML 14 (1971): TAL, Uriel: Religious and Anti-Religious Roots of Modern Anti-Semitism. 28p.

LBML 13 (1970): WELTSCH, Robert: Max Brod and his Age. 29p.

LBML 12 (1969): FACKENHEIM, Emil Ludwig: Hermann Cohen – After Fifty Years. 27p.

LBML 11 (1968): URZIDIL, Johannes: The Living Contribution of Jewish Prague to Modern German Literature. 26p.

LBML 10 (1966): GLATZER, Nahum Norbert: Baeck – Buber – Rosenzweig. Reading the Book of Job. 19p.

LBML 9 (1967): COHEN, Gerson David: Messianic Postures of Ashkenazim and Sephardim (Prior to Sabbatai Zvi). 42p.

LBML 8 (1965): SCHOLEM, Gerschom Gerhard: Walter Benjamin. 24p.

LBML 7 (1964): HANDLIN, Oscar: Jews in the Culture of Middle Europe. 20p.

LBML 6 (1963): GORDIS, Robert: Jewish Learning and Jewish Existence: Retrospect and Prospect. 34p.

LBML 5 (1962): BARON, Salo Wittmayer: World Dimensions of Jewish History. 26p.

LBML 4 (1961): MORGENTHAU, Hans J.: The Tragedy of German-Jewish Liberalism. 16p.

LBML 3 (1960): GRUENEWALD, Max: Theology and History. 13p.

LBML 2 (1959): KOHN, Hans: Heinrich Heine, The Man and the Myth. 24p.

LBML 1 (1958): BAMBERGER, Fritz: Leo Baeck, The Man and the Idea. 20p.